Sunday, January 21, 2018

Keep your shelves secure

I remember when I was young my mother used to get irritated with my habit of spreading books all over my bed and on the floor. She used to get angry daily and I had to pile them up and keep them in a bag. But this problem is now solved for the book lovers as we have got shelves where we can pile up loads of books. Shelves are a savage for the people who are living in a small apartment and don’t have much space for other things.

Though shelves have become important they should be fixed properly to avoid breakage and other consequences. Heavy Shelf Brackets by Babji Trading LLC is the best shelf bracket which supports heavy holding shelves. Be it your bedroom or your bathroom you can get these shelf brackets fixed with your shelves to place whatever you want. To decorate your living room you can have different styles of shelves on the walls of your living room. It adds a class of elegance to your room and keeps it neat as the floor is not filled with other belongings. These shelf brackets are available in white color and they are available in different sizes. Get more information on these online and keep your room tidy to make your mother happy. Visit

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Grezzo Flex Cutting Discs

A diamond can be cut with a diamond only. Similarly, there are certain things which are meant to be cut with particular things. For example, metal cutting discs in a machine are used to cut metal and stone cutting discs are used to cut stones. These discs are particularly used in machinery for cutting metals and stones without putting any manual effort.

Babji LLC provides Grezzo Flex cutting discs for the ease of humans to cut different types of metals and stones. These are depressed centered discs and are made from finest and abrasive material for accurate, efficient and safe cutting. Buy these Grezzo Flex cutting discs online from Babji LLC. Visit the website for more details

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Add the finishing touch in your interiors

Our body is designed in a manner where each bone is connected with other. We can move our hands and legs because we have joints in our body. Similarly, man created hinges and lid stays for doors and different types of tables. These hinges connect one part of the material with other so that the door or a table can be shaped like we want to.

Babji Trading LLC provides all types of hinges and hydraulic lid stay for your cabinets to be adjustable. If you are irritated with the loud noise of the doors when they are smashed on the wall you need to fix hydraulic stay lids to your doors which will prevent the smashing noise and cracks made on your wall. When you have adjustable cabinets your life becomes easier as things become organized. These furniture hinges are very useful for our home accessories. They are safe and prevents damages to be caused by pushing a door too hard sometimes can cause damages.

Buy hydraulic lid stay from Babji LLC online. It is available in high quality with 120N capacity. It includes Hi-tech processing technology and surface with electroplating, smooth & silent working. Visit the website to buy more furniture products online

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Router Bits; A Useful Power Tool

Defensibly Router Bit is considered as the most important and portable power tool available in markets. This small set of tool offers numerous benefits for an industrial worker. With this single apparatus, one can shape enhancing edges, trim covers and finishes, defeat pivot mortises, and cut a wide assortment of carpentry joints, including dado, dovetail, and much more.

There are several distinct sizes and styles of router bits accessible to enable you to make every one of those cuts. The huge number of decisions can make it hard to know which router bits to purchase, particularly in case you're new to directing. Here is a selection of different router bits available at Babji LLC to help you out through the process. Once you're carpentry abilities certainly develop, you can include more bits.
  • Boring Bit
  • Chamfer Bit 
  • Classical Plunge Bit
  • Core Box Bit
  • Dowel Drill Bit
  • Round Over Bit
  • Router Bits
At Babji Trading LLC we make sure that the products we deal in are of good quality and reliable. Our products are certified by us for the quality and performance and our customer’s peace of mind. Most of the items we deal in have achieved quality certificate from different quality standards. There are many other bits available in the stock of Babji, for more bits visit

Friday, August 25, 2017

Drill Bits

Drill bits are cutting instruments used to evacuate material to make gaps, quite often of round about cross-area. Drill bits come in many sizes and shape and can make various types of openings in a wide range of materials. Keeping in mind the end goal to make gaps drill bits are connected to a drill, which powers them to cut through the work piece, commonly by turn. The drill will grasp the upper end of a bit called the shank in the chuck.

Drill bits come in standard sizes, portrayed in the drill bit sizes article. A far reaching drill bit and tap measure diagram record metric and magnificent estimated drill bits close by the required screw tap sizes.

Babji Trading LLC has a vast range of Drill Bits available in many sizes according to your use. The Bits which you can find at Babji includes HSS Drill Bits (Amber & Pro), SDS plus Drill Bits, Wood-working Drill Bits, Glass Drill Bits, Masonry Drill Bits, Stira Granite Drill Bits, Italiano HSS Drill Bits, Wood Auger Drill Bits and Wood Flat Bits (Zip Bits)

Stira HSS Drill Bits (Amber)

Stira HSS Drill bits for general purpose use available in sizes from 1mm to 13mm at Babji Trading LLC, Suitable for use in Metal, Hard Wood, Acrylic, Plastics etc

Stira HSS Drill Bits (PRO)
Stira HSS Drill bits PRO comes with 5% Cobalt to give is extra hardness required to drill precision holes in Stainless Steel, Raw Steel, Metal etc. This drill bits are professional in use and have a longer cutting life.

SDS Plus Drill Bit

SDS Plus drill bit are now in stock in all the sizes. They are available in all diameter and lengths as required for the job and can be used in SDS plus type drill chucks. They are used in drilling holes in concrete, brick wall etc.

Wood-working Drill Bit

Wood-working drill bits are now in stock in all the sizes. They are available in all diameter and they are used in drilling holes in Hardwood, MDF, and Chipboards etc.

Glass Drill Bit

Glass drill bits are now in stock in all the sizes. They are available in all diameter and they are used in drilling holes in Glass, Tiles, Acrylic, and Plastics etc.

Masonry Drill Bit

Masonry drill bits are now in stock in all the sizes. They are available in all diameters and length to suit the requirements and they are used in drilling holes in Concrete, Brick Walls, Marble, Stone Etc.

Stira Granite Drill Bit

Stira Granite drill bits are now in stock in all the sizes. They are available in all diameters to suit the requirements and they are used in drilling holes in Granite, Marble, Concrete, Tiles and Mosaic Etc.

Italiano HSS Drill bits for professional use in Steel, All Metals, Hardwood, Acrylic, Plastics etc. are available in sizes from 1mm to 13mm at Babji Trading LLC. This drill bits are truly VALUE FOR MONEY.

Wood Auger Bit

Wood Auger drill bits are now in stock in all the sizes. They are available in all diameters and lengths and they are used in drilling holes in Hardwood, MDF, and Chipboards etc.

Wood Flat Bit (ZIP Bits)

Wood Flat drill bits also known as Zip bits or Spade Bits are now in stock in all the sizes. They are available in all diameters and they have specialized use in making hole for fixing locks etc in Hardwood, MDF, Chipboards etc.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tools For Tough Use

Choosing Drill Bits wisely would not only save time but lots of energy and money. When any small or major construction takes place, the whole work is scheduled keeping in mind all the surrounding factors. One such essential factor to consider is the quality of drill bits as its toughness and sharpness would speed up the work and result in perfect outcome.

HSS Drill Bits by Babji are built to last. Their tough strength allows them to cut through different surface with finest touch. Babji has variety of different HSS Drill Bits for different planes.
  • The countersink bits usually make different sized holes straight into whatever surface it is drilled. 
  • The Forstner bits by Babji's have wide outside rim of bits, this is why they can be used along with the drill press to drill partially overlapping angled holes or the holes at the edges of the material. 
  • The SDS Plus drill bits by Babji are compatible for heavy works and are sharp and tough to cut various matter. 
  • The Stira HSS Drill bits can be used for general purposes. They are available in different sizes and can be bought according to customers preferences. They cut easily through hard wood, steel, aluminium, metal and other surfaces. 
Stira Products in UAE by Babji are known for their quality, they are tough and durable to last longer compare to other ones. Purchasing drill bits from Babji would be a wise decision which would never be regretted, Babji is a complete store to buy hardware and building products for all types of places.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Tools to cope up with today’s challenges

Engineering and designing have been completely redefined in the modern ages, technological innovations have played a vital role in shaping the new ideas. The modern and upcoming projects designed by engineers require specialised tools to be designed to such a level. No longer are outdated tools useful. Babji’s tools makes these jobs a breeze.

Babji has an extensive variety of tools to be used for various applications. Its extensive range of Strike tools for any application is quite impressive. Whatever the use; cutting, drilling, milling, finishing, clamping or something else, the state of art tools are ideal for all application.

The Strike TCT Holesaws by Babji are available in different sizes used to drill holes in plastic, wood and metal and stainless steel. Depending on the object used sizes can be adjusted. Whether used by an electrician, plumber, carpenter or any worker the sizes are available accordingly.

The Strike Products in UAE by Babji are grabbing people’s attentions by showing their first class performance. The tools well adapt to environment and can be used on number of surfaces. The TCT Holesaws can cut through steel, stainless steel, wood, plastic etc without chipping it, giving a smooth surface finish. Each holesaw are provided with proper RPM for its safe and optimal performance. You can contact Babji for details and data related to these holesaws.

Want to know more about TCT Holesaws or Tools for application in metal contact Babji or view the page on The whole range of tools are available to fill in your need and get the job done without hassle.