Friday, February 22, 2019

Concealed Hinges

If you are looking for something that is completely concealed from the exterior of the cabinet, and don't compromise the design or look that you are wanting to achieve then the concealed hinges are your right choice.

Concealed hinges are hinges that are hidden from view when the cabinet door is closed.

Sealo concealed hinges are a special category of concealed hinges, 35MM cup with 100° door opening and slide on type originally designed for use in a systematic method of cabinetmaking. These offer easier door adjustments to compensate for slight imperfections in cabinet construction.

Because sealo hinges are 3 way adjustable, large and heavy doors can be installed quickly and with precision, saving money for the millworker and installer. They also solve some of the thornier problems standard offset pivots or the usual cabinet grade hinges wouldn't touch.

Sealo Hinges represents BABJI'S pride among its rich production. The reduced dimensions of the mechanism give the product a clean and elegant design, combined with easy installation.

BABJI TRADING LLC are serving in this business since 1995, dealing in hardware’s, building materials, furniture fittings, kitchen cabinet fixing accessories, fasteners and screws of various types and much much more. Their main activity includes import, warehousing, and distribution which includes local supply and export.

Their productions are characterized by functionality, versatility, durability, safety and excellent quality and price ratio. Great attention is also given to aesthetics, according to the current architectural trends which require a cleaner look. For more information visit

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Concealed Hinges

Cabinet hinges have gone through transformation in the previous few years. Some time ago most hinges were surface-mounted and added their own look to complete the design. Now they are hidden away in the form of concealed hinges which are constructed for function and endurance.

Concealed hinges can be used on wooden cabinet doors or closet doors. They are fully adjustable and are quite strong. Concealed hinges are also known as invisible hinge because it becomes invisible when the door is closed unlike other ordinary door hinges.

The concealed hinges which we sell

1. 180° concealed hinges for the doors that require more opening angle

2. Special Angled Hinges

3. Hydraulic type hinges for the doors that need to be closed softly

4. Glass Concealed Hinges for glass doors

5. Easy Line hinges for fixing without boring

6. Concealed Hinges with different mounting plates for fixing in Aluminium etc.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Solution of All Your Hardware Problems

Hardware requires as much importance as the other aspects of kitchen design. Hardware helps in Building materials, Furniture fittings, Router bits, and Boring bits, Drill bits of various types, Kitchen cabinet fixing accessories, Fasteners, and Screws of various type, Drawer slides, Concealed hinges, Circular saw blades for wood & metal, Marble/Granite cutting blades, Cutting & Grinding discs, Hand tools, Power tools etc. 

The hardware is used to present our idea of what we think and how we want it, to be. Whether in designing the kitchen or anything else, the best production and product will help you to lead the best choice and best idea. Babji has the best products and all your needed tool, they have quality and Reliability, they have achieved quality certificate from different quality standards. They believe that customer satisfaction is the only key to success.

Hardware can help you to see the classic look of your kitchen, they are continuously expanding their range of products to make your vision better. Babji Trading LLC, Hardware Suppliers in UAE, offers the best solution of hardware problem. For more information visit

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tack It Tightly

Thumb pins are not enough sometimes to place things on the soft board hence something that could provide a firm hold to things is required therefore bulletin board stapler comes to our rescue but that stapler has no value without its pins.

Brado pneumatic stapler pins are the finest quality of pins. These stapler pins are made from the finest and virgin quality steel and can be used in any pneumatic stapler machine. These pins are very sharp and tack everything very tightly. These pins are extremely valuable. In fact, they can be used when no other pneumatic pin can. Even after pneumatic stapler shoots, these nails called pins that range from 6-16mm long into the very thinnest piece of wood it drives straight through it without splitting the wood. This quality of the pin makes it ideal for every pneumatic machine.

Babji Trading LLC offers superior quality of Brado pneumatic stapler pins, pin it to secure things. For more information and detail visit website

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Keep your shelves secure

I remember when I was young my mother used to get irritated with my habit of spreading books all over my bed and on the floor. She used to get angry daily and I had to pile them up and keep them in a bag. But this problem is now solved for the book lovers as we have got shelves where we can pile up loads of books. Shelves are a savage for the people who are living in a small apartment and don’t have much space for other things.

Though shelves have become important they should be fixed properly to avoid breakage and other consequences. Heavy Shelf Brackets by Babji Trading LLC is the best shelf bracket which supports heavy holding shelves. Be it your bedroom or your bathroom you can get these shelf brackets fixed with your shelves to place whatever you want. To decorate your living room you can have different styles of shelves on the walls of your living room. It adds a class of elegance to your room and keeps it neat as the floor is not filled with other belongings. These shelf brackets are available in white color and they are available in different sizes. Get more information on these online and keep your room tidy to make your mother happy. Visit

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Grezzo Flex Cutting Discs

A diamond can be cut with a diamond only. Similarly, there are certain things which are meant to be cut with particular things. For example, metal cutting discs in a machine are used to cut metal and stone cutting discs are used to cut stones. These discs are particularly used in machinery for cutting metals and stones without putting any manual effort.

Babji LLC provides Grezzo Flex cutting discs for the ease of humans to cut different types of metals and stones. These are depressed centered discs and are made from finest and abrasive material for accurate, efficient and safe cutting. Buy these Grezzo Flex cutting discs online from Babji LLC. Visit the website for more details

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Add the finishing touch in your interiors

Our body is designed in a manner where each bone is connected with other. We can move our hands and legs because we have joints in our body. Similarly, man created hinges and lid stays for doors and different types of tables. These hinges connect one part of the material with other so that the door or a table can be shaped like we want to.

Babji Trading LLC provides all types of hinges and hydraulic lid stay for your cabinets to be adjustable. If you are irritated with the loud noise of the doors when they are smashed on the wall you need to fix hydraulic stay lids to your doors which will prevent the smashing noise and cracks made on your wall. When you have adjustable cabinets your life becomes easier as things become organized. These furniture hinges are very useful for our home accessories. They are safe and prevents damages to be caused by pushing a door too hard sometimes can cause damages.

Buy hydraulic lid stay from Babji LLC online. It is available in high quality with 120N capacity. It includes Hi-tech processing technology and surface with electroplating, smooth & silent working. Visit the website to buy more furniture products online